Best ASX Commodity ETFs 2023: Guide to Top Performers

What are the best Commodity (ETF) to invest in Australia? The top-performing ETF in Australia for 1 year based on 1 Year return is outlined in the table below. How Australian commodity ETFs work Australia’s commodities industry is a large part of its economy and presents an excellent opportunity to invest in ...

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Re-financing debt to get the best deal is more important than you might think

We did some Googling and according to Canstar, the typical Aussie owes $3,925 on their credit card, has a personal debt of $21,200 (excluding credit cards and property loans) and has a mortgage of $540,166. Let's look at how that plays out in monthly repayments and let's see what happens if we ...

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Opinion: Interactive Brokers Trading Platform for Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Investing

Interactive Brokers is considered the industry standard when it comes to a trading platform that is accessible to the everyday SMSF investor. It caters for retail level traders all the way up to hedge fund managers which is why Interactive Brokers is considered the most advanced and accessible trading platform available today. It is a popular platform because:

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Opinion: SMSF Contributions: The Many Benefits of Timing Your Super Investments

One of the most important benefits of having a self-managed super fund; the ability to time your contributions and market entries. We all know the “buy low, sell high” analogy but rarely is it considered when it comes to traditional super fund investments. Using a self-managed super fund is a common way of increasing your ability to time your investments and contributions.

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Opinion: How to Find the Best Online Broker for your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

What are the main considerations when looking for a broker – fees, commissions, minimum balances and trading platform technology? Times have changed for investors today, with competition high and fees seemingly in a race to the bottom; it seems like there are a plethora of brokers to choose from.

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Q&A: Questions to Ask to Find a Good Financial Advisor

If you're in the market for a financial advisor, there are plenty to choose from that cater to any financial situation. Here are some common questions to ask when looking for the right financial advisor for you. Financial advisors can help you plan for retirement, minimise risk and help you achieve your ...

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Q&A: How to Invest in the Best Asset Allocations For My Investor Profile

One of the first questions people ask when planning for retirement is how should I invest to best suit my age and retirement goals. How well you save and invest your money while you are in the workforce directly impacts how you will live your life when you retire. That being said, ...

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Q&A: Investing in Managed Funds for SMSFs. Factors to Consider

Before investing in a managed fund with your SMSF, you need to consider a few key questions: What investment management style are you looking for (active or passive)? How will you buy the managed funds (via a broker or fund manager)? What are the associated costs (brokerage, management and performance fees)? What ...

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Charting for Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Investors: TradingView Complete Guide

There are many different ways SMSF investors can analyse shares that they wish to invest in.

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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Beginner Guide: Things to Know

Much like a regular superannuation fund, an SMSF is an excellent way for you to save for your retirement.

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How to Buy Shares in Your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF): 5-Step Guide

Superannuation investors have not typically had much control over where their funds are invested over the years. Bog-standard industry super funds or retail super funds only offer investment options like defensive, balanced or high-growth, which provide little ability for the investor to customise the assets within their portfolio, beyond splitting them across ...

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Complete Guide to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) give you the ability to own a piece of a company which owns and runs different real estate investments. REITs (or A-REITs in Australia) are very similar to an investment fund in the sense that investors capital is grouped together to make investments on behalf of the ...

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How Inflation Affects Investment Returns

What is Inflation? In general terms, inflation is the increase in the cost of goods and services in the economy during a given period. More money is needed tomorrow to buy the same things you bought today. Inflation is often shown in percentage terms and is usually measured monthly, quarterly and yearly ...

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Kind words from Aussies managing
their own self funded futures

  • SMSF Mate is a unique website because it has ideas about how to approach SMSFs, insurance and other financial topics that come straight from first hand experience. It's much more useful than what you find on all the other financial websites that just offer generic info that you could easily get on the ATO's website. It's also nice to know there's no financial incentive behind the information, it's legitimately there to help people understand self-managed super funds and how to get the most out of them, not to get an affiliate commission from a broker or other financial services provider. The investment product information is also incredibly useful, I've never seen this kind of functionality on any other website that let's you look at such a wide range of products, sort by what info is most interesting or important to you, and subscribe to updates for different funds and financial products all in one place. Definitely worth checking out if you own or are considering an SMSF!

    David G, Self-Employed, SMSF Owner
  • SMSF Mate provides a unique insight into superannuation and financial topics in a way that is easier to understand than conventional websites. The colloquial nature of the site makes it easy to understand and they often speak about complicated topics in lamens terms so I can wrap my head around them. The investment product information is a great way to research funds that I am interested in investing in with my SMSF and there is a lot of helpful information on the site for better structuring my investment portfolio. In comparison to other websites which offer similar information, SMSF Mate excels as the information is free to access whereas many other sites charge a subscription fee for the same thing. Overall, I think SMSF Mate is a great resource for SMSF trustees and is worth looking at for a variety of super-related topics. Thanks.

    Tim B, Business Owner, SMSF Trustee