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Our Mates

Jenny & Jerry – Retired

Jenny and Jerry are both recently retired, they like many of their friends made great past investments in direct property and as such they have a couple of properties and cash in SMSF that provide them with a regular rental income. They are however starting to restructure their investment strategy as they ...

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Jasmine & Jordan – Transition to Retirement

Jas and Jordan are 10 ways from retiring. They have paid off their house, there kids are out of the house and have bought their own houses. They want to start putting aside the full $50,000 a year into their super from their jobs as well as a small inheritance Jordan received. ...

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James – Career Professional

James has just been focused on his career and climbing the ladder at work. He is earning “real” money in the last couple of years and was told by mates to put more money in super. James started opening those letters he never used to never open from his superfund. He was ...

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Jim & Julie – Double Income No Kids

Julie’s parents were both members of an SMSF. When her mum passed away, her Dad (Ben) spoke to Julie about joining his fund. They would share the costs of the fund and he would teach her about investing and get her interested in finance. He did not want Julie to be reliant ...

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John & Jo – Couple with Kids

John and Jo have two young kids. Jo is working full time and John is working school hours, they decided to set up a SMSF deciding to take an active role in managing their super investments after having no ongoing reviews or meetings with their last adviser. They are regularly reviewing their ...

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Jane – Business Owner

Jane has a small fashion retail business with 6 staff. Rent increases and constant negotiation at the end of each lease and potentially moving regularly was always causing stress for Jane. She had previously worked as a fashion constant and had almost 350,000 in super. She was negotiating her current lease when ...

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Kind words from Aussies managing
their own self funded futures

  • SMSF Mate is a unique website because it has ideas about how to approach SMSFs, insurance and other financial topics that come straight from first hand experience. It's much more useful than what you find on all the other financial websites that just offer generic info that you could easily get on the ATO's website. It's also nice to know there's no financial incentive behind the information, it's legitimately there to help people understand self-managed super funds and how to get the most out of them, not to get an affiliate commission from a broker or other financial services provider. The investment product information is also incredibly useful, I've never seen this kind of functionality on any other website that let's you look at such a wide range of products, sort by what info is most interesting or important to you, and subscribe to updates for different funds and financial products all in one place. Definitely worth checking out if you own or are considering an SMSF!

    David G, Self-Employed, SMSF Owner
  • SMSF Mate provides a unique insight into superannuation and financial topics in a way that is easier to understand than conventional websites. The colloquial nature of the site makes it easy to understand and they often speak about complicated topics in lamens terms so I can wrap my head around them. The investment product information is a great way to research funds that I am interested in investing in with my SMSF and there is a lot of helpful information on the site for better structuring my investment portfolio. In comparison to other websites which offer similar information, SMSF Mate excels as the information is free to access whereas many other sites charge a subscription fee for the same thing. Overall, I think SMSF Mate is a great resource for SMSF trustees and is worth looking at for a variety of super-related topics. Thanks.

    Tim B, Business Owner, SMSF Trustee